Newest Games

Square Survivor You are a blue square and must survive the red square apocalypse! Music: "Delightful D" Kevin Ma...
8 0   October Challenge
FANF A.I Example FANF A.I Example
2 0   Game Dev Examples
Ninja Attack A Game made by meh! it a endless game!
6 3   October Challenge
Space Fleet : Mission to Mars You play as a space commander and have the task to survive against a swarm of enemy ships.
4 2   October Challenge
Less Time! Help Less the Penguin tu reach the other side on time. But you will have the help of time itself, a...
0 1   November Challenge
Alex's Bay (FNaF) After Freddy's closed its doors, heh, Alex the Pirate Beaver arrives.
1 0   Decemeber Challenge
Escape the computer u try to escape le pc
4 3   November Challenge
Escape The Music The Music Note is after you, escape it ! Press the "Shift (Maj)" Button to jump and reach level 15 t...
5 1   November Challenge
Defend the plane defend the plane from the evil blocks
3 0   Regular Games
Fusion Defender Battle your way through games development software and collect humble bundle packages to keep your s...
13 0   October Challenge
Space Shooter 101 Like a simple 90s Space shooter. BUT MORE HD!
5 1   October Challenge
Jeep and Plane Jeep and Plane retro feeling game
5 0   Regular Games
Death Hall 1 button hardcore platformer. Press spacebar to start! Press spacebar to play! Press spaceber t...
3 6   October Challenge
peng Based on the game "Pong (1972)" by Atari Inc. Note: If the high score saved, it should work...
12 1   October Challenge
kangaroo puncher kangaroo puncher - man saved his dog by punching a kangaroo
2 0   Regular Games
The Glitch The Glitch is a game that you are in a house that somehow this glitch appeard. And you need to leave...
13 0   November Challenge
Postal Ghost You play postie the ghost who had to fire mail at ghosts to survive!
10 0   October Challenge
Five Shots at Freddys You've been offered a security job, where sleeping on the job is a must... Sweet! Only you can decid...
3 0   Decemeber Challenge